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Comer sushi

After the appearance of nigri , sushi or zushi was created as a more palatable way of eating. More palatable forms that are eaten with the fingers or with chopsticks. Eating Sushi with fingers The piece of sushi has to pick with the thumb, index finger and middle finger to flip easily.


The end containing the garrison, which will plunge into soy sauce . Then the sushi is placed in the mouth , so that the filling is what first contact with the tongue. The hobby soy sauce leads many to wetting of the rice in the sauce that accompanies them.

eating sushiComo comer el suhi


This ability is not recommended for good sushi eater , because not only makes the rice falls apart , otherwise the delicate flavors conbinación crumbles also with overuse of the sauce. The sauce should complement the flavor in perspective , not overshadow the sushi.