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Salmón sushi

Making nigiri sushi , not much complication but not we stop paying attention to an ancient technique that teaches us how to cut salmon nigiri sushi to make . A precise work and a delicate way that will give our sushi nigiri the best.

How to cut the salmon for sushi nigiri

The first thing we need to do to prepare a good Maki Sushi Nigiri is sure to have fresh salmon .

Nigiri sushi do not have much complication , perhaps the exact cut and fish freshness could define a good Maki Sushi nigiri salmon . Before beginning the cut should be clean and remove all without breaking the spine piece. The rest can see it in our video explaining how to cut Sushi Salmon Nigiri .

A Japanese Corter precise technique for salmon.


Sushi nigiri de salmonSushi nigiri salmon

Our chef shows step by step how to cut the salmon in this video.