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Japanese Court fish

How to make the cut and prepare the fish for sushi. A cote of Japanese nigiri fish to fish .


The video shows how the cutting is done start to finish . As you have to cut the fish and now we'll see an example of how to prepare the gold for these thin slices or sliced ​​to make perfect sushi nigiri .

How to cut a golden sushi , nigiri Although pure Japanese style raw fish speaking we can imagine a savage act , no more sophisticated preparing to do a good sashimi. Determination and technique in the management of kitchen knife and a good thread to make the best sushi nigiri with a golden fish .

Cut fish sushi
cut fish japan sushi nigiri

Choosing a good fish is essential to get the best cut for our sushi.


A sophisticated and simple cut that we see in a video where we see how prepares fish for sushi our Chef. How to make the cut and prepare the fish for sushi nigiri golden .