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Red tuna sushi

Hand in hand with our chef , learn how the tuna is cut to make nigiri sushi . A professional Japanese cooking technique that allows us to better exploit the piece of tuna

The nigiri is a delicious snack, a popular sushi and want to show how the tuna is cut to make nigiri and we look perfect . How to cut the tuna for sushi nigiri The nigiri , nigiri -sushi or nigiri- zushi , is a rice ball about 18 grams , according recommend our chef , slightly flattened shaped elongated and covered ball with different accessories, normally crudo.Igual mind uses the fish is used to make nigiri sushi traditional japanese omelet .

How to cut tuna nigiri sushi

Learn to make sushi nigiri is not complicated , perhaps the court of tuna is an aspect we want to emphasize and show you in this video. Tuna sushi tuna sushi Japanese cut is important to have a good knife and have a little water to wet our sushi knife while cut the tuna for sushi. I leave a video of our chef to learn how we need to cut

Atun sushi cortar
Atun sushi nigiri