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Sushis temaki

The Temaki sushi is different . The sushi temaqui is rolled up into a cone shape . The Temaki is made with a sheet of nori seaweed and other sushi rice is mixed with the most varied and nutritious ingredients. The cone is open at the top and usually has a size of about ten centimeters .

The Temaki sushi is eaten by hand , its size gives us one piece of sushi a platter for lunch . The temaki perhaps the least known and delicious way to eat sushi and not be hungry.




Temaki (手 巻 き? ) : The " hand-rolled sushi" is a large cone formed by a sheet of nori filled with rice and other ingredients in the open part of the cone. A typical temaki is about ten centimeters long and eaten by hand to be too large to use chopsticks. Easy to eat and easy to transport Temaki sushi is a road , perfect for traveling or out


Sushi Temaki