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The MakiSuhi or Makizushi is a delicious vinegary rice roll 


The sushi rice roll call is actually Makisushi, maki es rollo y sushi is vinegared rice . Within makisushi or also called maki are different types that are classified and distinguished by their size


Japanese cuisine is actually part of a custom that each ingredient proper care and perfect way to treat food taste it in all its fullness , both nutritious as sensitive .


A harmony of flavors that combine in one bite .


MakiSuhi or even Makizushi 


Recipes sushi



The sushi is one of the dishes that best eaten in Japan . It could be considered as part of Japanese culture . It is a delicacy that requires a patient and fair development to find the balance of good food.


The preparation of sushi is varied and combined in numerous different forms and ingredients. We can say without exaggeration that the sushi is healthy and nutritious dish for our health .


On this site we present the best techniques and secrets of preparing sushi. Isval Our chef will teach us everything we need to know to make an authentic Japanese sushi. 


 Professionally prepared sushi with videos and recipes from our chef



The sushi can be different and multiple combinations in their preparation. Not always leads sushi seafood , makisushi can prepare the way you like best or rely on the best recipes from our chef Makisushi .


Recipes and videos of different sushi go getting into this website to be extending all the information we ask you to visit us regularly to progress sushi techniques . Salmon nigiri sushi , hosomaki , all rolls easiest and the most complicated you will be delicious if you perfect the art of sushi visiting the web Makisushi .



Different types of sushi
Makis sushi